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Pilot - Ep. 1

The Followers

“Some people would kill for this kind of connection”

When a tech mogul becomes the President of the United States, a group of millennials seek to exploit the government’s plan to manipulate and control its citizens with the use of a social media platform.


The Followers

EDEN KING (Chelsea Lee) COLIN MEYER (John Enick) MICHELE (Andrea Bruti) RYAN WINTERS (Jordan O’Neal) CHELSEA MOORE (Sandra Gronberg) PRESIDENT ANDREW INGRAM (Pierre Farmer) SHIRLEY WINTERS (Babe McGuire) CASPER (Jackie Luke) BOB WINTERS (Brian Watson) NATALIE HOPE (Kelley Harrington) MAN IN THE SUIT (Abdulla Kudrath) HANA ARBOR (Katie Wang) STACEY LEE (Gena King)  SIMON (Jason Watkins)

Production Crew

The Followers

WRITTEN AND CREATED BY (Chelsea Lee) DIRECTOR (Nizar DeWood) DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY (Nizar DeWood) 1ST AD (Curtis Von) SCRIPT SUPERVISOR (Curtis Von) 2ND AD (Andrea Alba Von Buren) SOUND MIXER & SOUND DESIGN (Drake Smith) WARDROBE (Nicolette Karczewski) HAIR (Ashley Kay) MAKEUP AND SFX (Skye Todd) VFX (Justin Durban) CASTING (Harris Casting) KEY GRIP (Allen Sams) PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS (Andrea Alba Von Buren, Nayeli Escamilla, Sharky Stef Schultz, Adaku Awandu) PHOTOGRAPHY (Allen Sams)

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