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Chelsea Harris Lee

The company’s fearless leader and managing director of all things creative. Chelsea’s mind is an idea bank for your company and she won’t shy away from letting you know what works best. Her project management techniques and an eye for design has made her an invaluable resource and guide to companies seeking the latest ideas in design and technology. Whether it’s managing and executing a project, creating a new brand, or refreshing or re-launching an established one, Chelsea is a smart choice for making sure you and your company stand out.


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Chelsea has worked with the following people:

John Lyons
Woody Buckner
Stately Gentlemen Co.
HapBee Company
Blu Party Atx
Milton Verret
Bryan Stolle

Johnny Ramirez
Box No. 216 Academy
Social Intel Agency
IPS All Natural
Game of One

Anh Co Tran
Curated Cutting
Ramirez Tran Salon
Innovative PR
Henry S. Miller III
Kooky Canuck
Laini Reeves
Osho Caravan
Amy Edwards
Jake Brice
Love & Chaos

Conscious Media Festival
The Gentleman Driver
Andrew Wyly
WildCat Venture Partners
Asian Food Grocer
Will Owen Racing
Speed Group
RGR Sport
Yellow Rose Austin
Hash Bros Inc.
RockStar Hotels
Concourse Companies

Lauren Parsons
Extreme Green
Candleroom Dallas
White Rock Alehouse
Joshua Christensen
Kithe Brewster
Nu Evolution Cosmetics
The Eberhard Dallas
Michael J. Tisdale Construction
David Drebin
Digital Whisperers LA

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